How do clients see your value?

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No, this isn’t a question for only those of you who own a business although if you’re successful, you already know. I’m really asking those of you who are ‘employees.’

How do your clients see your value?

Whoa…you don’t have clients? Or, you don’t know?

If you own your career, you always attend to your clients. You always know who they are. You always check in on the value they get. You know that this value is what you provide as a business partner.

What makes you valuable?

How does your manager weigh your value? How do your peers measure it? How do your team mates see it?

How do you know? You ask.

When you own your career, the value you provide is your security. The closer you are to the center of the bull’s-eye, the greater your security. You can’t hit the target if you don’t see it clearly.

To your Manager: What am I doing when I’m most valuable to you and our team?

To your Peers: What do you get from me that makes me a strong partner?

To your Team: What does our team need from me for our project to succeed?

Ask. Start the conversation. Own the process. Learn your value.

When you become responsible for your security, you own your career.

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