About Janine

Janine Moon is a Master Certified Career Coach and a Professional Speaker with a passion for using her voice to help others’ find theirs. She has been in leadership positions with organizations large and small and knows their dirty little secrets and idiosyncracies. Most employees in most organizations are dying…to do work that matters and that uses their talent and heart.


She believes that when people own their careers, rather than rent or lease them, organizations value workers as partners…because partners define success as taking responsibility for change, learning and career management. Her mission is to make career ownership an organizational Best Practice.


Through her business, CompassPoint Coaching, Janine provides executive coaching and career services to mid-career professionals. Workforce Change provides solutions and services that coach and mentor leaders on how to develop environments that engage and workforces that work.


Visit her on the web: http://CPCoaching.com; http://WorkforceChange.com

8 Responses

  1. Congratulations on a most worthwhile endeavor. I have been in the workplace for over 40 years and know what it is like to work for a paycheck rather than owning my career. Too afraid to look until the situation became desperate. Even at my age, I sometimes wonder, “What if”. Helping people find their passion and own their careers is an incredible gift.
    Keep up the great and important work you are doing!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Bob…I do hope to reduce the “what ifs” that don’t have to be…

  3. You have got to love someone that not only reaches out to others and lifts . . .but takes on new endeavors. As a fan of Janine, I look forward to following her insights on this blog.

    Kordell Norton

  4. Thanks, Kordell…your comments are always welcome!


  5. Hi, Janine. I’m visiting your blog from the project that you’ve posted at crowdspring. You gave the link to this blog, so here I’m.
    It’s quiet easy to say than to do if you encourage someone to leave their job and start their own dream’s business. But, I was in the same situation two years ago. My last office have to be released some people cause the bad financial they had. I was the one of them. So, I started to open snack corner selling burger and meat ball soup. Recently, I try to open a little counter selling crepes at the mall. It’s a hard work but I love and enjoy to do that.
    So, Janine keep on moving to push everyone to dare open their mind and start owning their life in their hands.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    I saw your comments on ‘the Wall Street Journal: blog’ concerning degrees not equaling job security.
    I work for BBC World Have Your Say, a global discussion radio show. Today, we are doing a show asking if a degree should entitle you to a job. We would like to have your opinion on our show. Please contact me on +44 20755 70635, if you would be interest. The show airs at 6.00pm GMT. Hope to hear from you.

  7. Hey Kid, You look the same it is nice to see your face again! Thanks for the New Year’s greeting.
    We are doing well here – we’re having a nice snow storm at present.
    We generally don’t get too close to Columbus, however, if we do, I’ll surely at least give you a call to warn you.
    If you ever see Tom, tell him I said hello.
    Much Love,

  8. Hey, Rich: glad to hear from you, and I’m glad you stopped by the blog. Even as a retiree, you have children and grandchildren who will take some value from the messages and brain food here–it’s important stuff for those who will have to make a living over the next few generations.

    Glad to hear you are well…we’ve had really cold stuff here, but up to 40 degrees by Thursday! Heat wave a-comin’! Hello and warm wishes to all your family!

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